We all would like to upgrade important aspects in our lives with better quality things to improve the efficiency in our day-to-day lives. This includes all basic and necessary things; and especially for cars, many car owners will tend to agree with this. Despite this knowledge, there are still some people who are holding on to their old cars because they think their old car is still adequate to be driven, hence buying a new car will create unnecessary expenditure.

Most of the times, this kind of “misled” of thinking is backed by the lack of knowledge as to when is the right time to finally let go of their car. If you are one of these people who are uncertain when to scrap your car, this article can greatly help you. So, let’s get right into it!

Fuel Inefficiency

A lot of new cars are equipped by advanced energy saving technology. This is possible because newer cars have improved design to maximize aerodynamics and they use lighter materials. If your car is around a decade old, most likely it doesn’t come with the benefits that a newer car could give you. By upgrading your vehicle, you will save a lot of gas money.

More Than 100.000 Miles

Your car’s mile marker is an important indicator of your car’s health. When you car has reached 100,000 miles mark, it means you car has quite a fair share of tear and wear that will present you with major problems in the near future. When you have come to this point, it is better to let go of your car rather than investing costly maintenance in them.

Your Car Has Grown Unreliable

Your car is supposed to make your life easier by doing what its meant to do. When you car has ceased to be reliable, that is giving you more troubles than benefits, it is a strong signal for you to get rid of it. Hanging on to your problematic car will not only waste your money, but you will also have to spend a lot of time going back and forth to car garage!

Maintenance Costs Too Much

An old and troublesome car tends to cause much damage to your wallet, as it requires more thorough maintenance and body part replacement in some worse cases. Unfortunately, sometimes car repairs and replacement will only give you a permanent solution. Although it might also be that case, you need to observe your car carefully. If you have to send your car to service centre every three or so months, you should not waste any of your dollars for it. Selling it and buying a new car is often the best solution.

You Car No Longer Suits Your Lifestyle

There will be a time when you car is still running good but the demand to upgrade it is on the horizon. For example, if you have an additional member in your family that cannot be accommodated anymore by your existing car. In this situation, you need to upgrade your car that can serve your needs better.

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