3 Times Junking is Better Than Fixing an Old Car

You might love your old car so much that you are unwilling to sell it off even to the highest bidder. It’s admirable that you are not giving up on your passion and saving money to restore the old-timer. But, in some instances, it is better to get rid of an old vehicle rather than spend money to fix it completely.

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Here are 3 very good reasons why junking is better than fixing your old car.

Shortage of Spare Parts

Vintage vehicles turn heads once they are restored to their former glory. But the restoration job is often not as easy as it seems. You have to search for genuine spare parts, negotiate their price with sellers, and then find a way to install the components on your car.

If your vehicle is rare, the entire restoration process becomes that much harder. So, when you can’t find the relevant parts, it is better to abandon fixing the car and sell it off to car wreckers. After all, a car without the necessary components cannot function, and such a vehicle is not worthy of going on the road. You are better off calling a car removal service to get rid of the vehicle for you.

However, if on the off chance your vehicle is a classic, you could look at interested collectors, as these guys are always ready to give cash for cars. Classic vehicles go for a lot of money, especially if you have a rare kind.

Cost of Repair is Too High

If you are planning to repair an old car, you must have considered the cost of repair, right? Or are you thinking about starting the old Do-It-Yourself operation? If the latter is correct, your enthusiasm and motivation are admirable. It takes a lot of commitment to fix a car by yourself, and it does save a ton of money. But only if you are really good at the job or you are a certified mechanic yourself.

For the rest of us, it is straight to the mechanic and going to one is not cheap at all. In fact, if you calculate the price you would have to pay for repairs, you would abandon fixing your old car immediately and sell it off to a scrapyard.

Constant Maintenance

You might have mustered up the money to pay for the initial repair and brought your old car on the road. Commiserations to you for such a raging success! But now you have to think about maintenance and future repairs. After all, regular maintenance is what keeps a car running for a lifetime, and you should always do some budgeting for future repairs.

When you add up all the costs you will incur in the near future, you will find that the cost of repair and maintenance go past the value of the vehicle. What’s the point of putting so much money into a car? You are better off junking it and saving money for better things.

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