4 Engine Issues That Can Spell Disaster for Your Vehicle

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The heart of your car is the engine that drives the wheels and makes movement possible. So, you must keep it in the best shape possible.

If anything happens to the engine, your vehicle is nothing but useless, which is why you shouldn’t take maintenance lightly, and you should visit the mechanic at the first signs of deterioration.

This article will cover

Here are four engine issues that can spell disaster for your vehicle and the best way to find an escape from such problems.

High Fuel Consumption

If your vehicle is normally very economical and it suddenly starts to consume a lot of fuel, there is a problem in the engine that you must not ignore.

Poor fuel economy is usually caused by a faulty spark plug, choked air intake, malfunctioning oxygen sensor or pathetic fuel quality.

Most of these issues are fixable, but only at the right time. If you slack off even a little, the problems will keep getting worse, and your car will lose its integrity. In such a case, you would have no option but to sell your vehicle to car wreckers.

Overheating Engine

The engine is designed to run at a certain temperature. If that temperature fluctuates too much, and the block becomes too cold or too hot, the engine performance takes a hit.

Ultimately, the engine internals gets damaged, and the wear results in heavy consequences. Most of the time, the engine has to be rebuilt, which costs a lot of money and requires too much time.

So, you should always keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If you closely monitor the temperature while you are driving and you inspect the coolant levels regularly, this issue will never plague your car.

However, if you are careless and complacent, you will have no choice but to opt for a car removal service to take your vehicle to the junkyard.


When the engine starts, the pistons inside move up and down in a certain rhythm. The perfect harmony in their movement makes it possible for the car to be smooth and reliable. And to ensure this, the spark plugs play an important role.

They ignite the fuel inside the cylinder at the precise moment, and the pistons start to move. Imagine what would happen if the spark plugs fail to ignite the fuel at the right time.

Not only would the pistons break their harmony, but the engine will start to rattle and fail.

If the misfiring goes beyond a certain limit, the engine blows. You don’t want that to happen to any car, let alone yours.

High Oil Consumption

Another issue that can spell disaster for the engine is high oil consumption. The motor oil you use in your vehicle reduces friction between all the moving components and ensures there is minimum wear and tear. But if there is a leak in the sump or the gaskets/seals have broken, the oil can reduce in quantity, leading to engine seizure.


You must protect your vehicle from all such issues if you intend to make the engine last a lifetime. Otherwise, you can use your vehicles without thinking of maintenance and get cash for your cars by selling them later at a junkyard.

Both are viable possibilities, but we recommend conserving your car and making it last a lifetime.

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