How is Electric Car Wrecking Different From Normal Ones?

electric car wrecking sydney

The car wrecking industry is about to experience a significant change due to electric vehicles. Earlier, car wreckers in Sydney did not think twice before smashing a car like a tin can. But now they have to be very careful, especially with electric car components and their batteries.

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Electric Vehicle Wrecking

The future is in favour of electric cars, and we now know that as a fact. In other words, EVs are here to stay, and as a result of that, everyone and everything is touted to change accordingly. This includes the car wrecking industry and junkyard owners as well.

Car wrecking companies used to have a carefree attitude when it came to smashing cars into pieces. But things have changed for the better.

Now, they have to remove the batteries and dispose of them separately, whereas the rest of the vehicle can be dismantled using traditional methods. That’s because battery packs are highly flammable and they can explode if they come under a lot of stress.

The good thing is car batteries can be sold back into the market, especially if they belong to a popular brand like Tesla. So, they are not necessarily junk or useless. If the battery is in a good health and it has no damage, it can be sold for a very high price to people who perform electric car conversions or to people looking for spare parts.

There is a ton of potential in this regard because as long as the battery is in one piece, the entire vehicle doesn’t lose its value. In other words, the battery is everything for an EV, and it can garner a lot of attention in the modern world.

It is an entirely new genre, which works in favour of junkyard owners. After all, there is no point in disposing of the batteries and dealing with harmful chemicals when you can sell the same batteries for a profit. Not to mention the other spare parts you can sell to potential customers. It is a win-win situation for wreckers wanting cash for cars.

Conventional Car Wrecking

On the other end of the spectrum, traditional cars lose their value once they are totalled. An accident can reduce the value of a vehicle by up to 60% which is both a good and bad thing.

It is good in the sense that people can buy spare parts for dirt-cheap prices. They don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts to acquire a small component.

However, if you are on the giving end of things, you are at a disadvantage. That’s because, if your car gets into an accident, it immediately loses a lot of its value. In such a case, the only option you have is to call a car removal service and ask them to pay a small amount for your destroyed vehicle.

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electric car wrecking sydney

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