Dos and Don’t of Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Car

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A lot of car owners in Sydney are facing the same dilemma when it comes to bidding farewell to their old and unwanted car: “What to do about it?”

With the introduction of stricter rules and regulations on car disposal in NSW, the options have since become narrower, especially for used cars that are not in good condition or damaged.

Nevertheless, there are still a few options car owners might want to consider; each has its own pros and cons.

This article will cover

The most common options are to sell your car for cash, send it to a vehicle scrapper company and the last one is to just give it away to someone else. Now we are going to explore these options in detail!

Selling An Old Car

This option probably is the most preferred way of letting go of a used car because car owners would still get some cash off of it.

There are several ways to sell an old car. Normally, car owners would post an advertisement online on available platforms and wait for a good response from potential individual buyers. Although this way seems simple on the surface, the waiting period can be long enough and it involves a lot of back-and-forth negotiations, which might not end with a good deal.

Not to mention that this way of selling an old car only works if the car is still in good running condition. Having said this, selling a used and broken/damaged car to another individual most likely will not yield a good result because no individual buyer is willing to buy a broken car that will cost him a lot of money to repair.

Alternatively, car owners can try to sell it to a second-hand car dealer. Similarly, most second-hand car companies only take in cars that are still good and do not need a lot of costs to repair or polish.

Sending to Car Scrapper

“So, is there any feasible alternative if my car is damaged or not complete?” you might ask this question if you do not have good bargaining power due to the not-so-good car condition.

Yes! You can try to call up some car wreckers in Sydney. If your car is no longer complete or running well, this might be the option for you. Nevertheless, the downside is that naturally, car scrapyards do not offer good prices for your piece.

Not only that, you still have to arrange your own transportation, which can cause a lot of headaches especially when your car cannot be driven anymore.

Giving It Away

There are some charity organizations, which are willing to accept donations in the form of used cars. In turn, they will distribute the gathered used and old cars to families who are in need.

Again, usually, these organizations have set some standards used for accepting car donations. They do not take damaged/broken cars because it is not practical for them.

The Best Solution For Getting Rid of An Old Car

Just like many other things in life, there is no single solution that fits all. The best solution for removing your old car heavily depends on the condition of your car and how much time you have at your disposal.

If your car is still as good as a new car, newer make and year, selling your car to a second-hand car dealer or individual buyer is the best option for you. Nevertheless, if your car is damaged or has some missing parts, trying to sell to another individual or second-hand car company will just waste your time and energy.

But the good news is there are a few reliable and professional companies that offer FREE removal services while paying you a good amount of cash for your old, junk, unwanted, or even damaged car like the Sydney Car Collection.

This sounds unbelievable at first, we hear you! Why would someone pay for your damaged car? The reason is that these companies are the experts in car disposal and scrapping service. They know what they are doing.

They know which parts still have some value and they also own good car recycling (metal) technology that allows them to give you competitive offers for your old car.

“Wait, did I read free removal service?” Yes, you read it right. Sydney Car Collection offers you a car removal service without any cost. It means you do not have to waste a single dollar and time to even get your car removed from your driveway.

You do not need to worry about the towing because our agent will come to you your place with our tow truck and just like that, your problem will be done away.

Is it still too good to be true? You can call us up and prove it yourself. Tell us about your car’s condition and specifications and wait for our irresistible offer!

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