Selling your car in Sydney does not have to be complicated. It is a straight forward process. However, finding the right buyer who can make the whole transaction smooth and problem free can be tedious sometimes. There are some important considerations that you need to factor in.

Perhaps you have heard some horrid stories from your relatives or friends that made you cautious and worried. If that is the case, this article is right for you. We are giving you some useful guidance to selling your old and junk car.

Do Your Due Diligence

While it might look simple to advertise and sell your car, you still need to do some background research of the seller, especially when the seller is an established company. Can you trust this seller? What about their reputation and track record so far? Do they list their address and phone number on their website or other marketing collateral?

Searching for some reviews of their customers might offer you with some insight. Better still if you know someone who has been a customer previously since you will get an honest feedback.

Confirm Your Quote

This might be the most important factor in choosing a buyer for your car. A lot of car sellers get disappointed because they do not receive the full payment at the end of the transaction. The seller tells them a lot of reasons for such deductions. Many of our customers experienced this in their previous deals just because they did not re-confirm their quotes.

Ask your seller up front whether there would be any additional charge imposed to you for picking up your car is a good practice. Professional and trustworthy companies will be honest with you and tell you in advance if there is extra cost you ought to pay.

Describe Your Car In Detail

A lot of misunderstanding happened between car sellers and buyers because the sellers neglect to give full specification of their cars. In attempt to sell your car, you need to give the buyer a chance to do a fair price evaluation also.

You need to be honest in your specification. Some important specifications you need to include:

  • Is your car still running?
  • What is the physical condition of your car? Any of the body part is damaged?
  • Is there any part missing from your car?

Car Removal For Cash

Our mission is simple. We buy your used car with an attractive price while providing you with a top-notch customer satisfaction!

What do we mean by that? With our streamlined back-end and front-end procedures, you do not have to do anything further than dropping us a call! We are here to assure you that all you have to do just give us a call and we will do the rest of the job for you.

Prepare Official Documents

All of car buyers will not take the risk to buy a car if they are uncertain whether the car belongs to you. In order to avoid any further problem, car buyers will always ask you to give them the proof of car ownership and a recognized ID with your photo on it. So prepare this document before the arrival of your car buyer for a smooth transaction.

Remove Your Personal Belongings

We always advise our customers to remove all their personal belongings in the car before hand, and that includes your car plate number. Car buyer companies deal with tens or even hundreds of cars on daily basis. If you leave something behind in your car, there is a low chance to getting it back. So make sure to double check again that your car is cleared.

Why Selling Your Car To Sydney Car Collection?

If you have been looking for a solution to get rid of your, Sydney Car Collection is your answer. We offer your:

  • Attractive deal for your car up to $6,999!
  • Smooth and hassle-free procedure.
  • Free and no obligation quote.
  • One-day service.
  • Transparency in our dealings. We will tell you upfront if there is any surcharge, otherwise, you will get exactly as your quote.
  • We accept all cars with any kind of models, brands, makes, and conditions.
  • Free towing service. No additional charge!

Do you still have any doubt whether we are the right place to sell your old car? Just give us a call at 0497576070 and get free consultation.

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