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Sydney Car Collection is an expert and reliable car scrap yard for those who need:

  • To sell old and unwanted car fast.
  • To sell cars for scrap with competitive price offer.
  • Free and same day car disposal service.
  • To turn damaged and old heavy vehicles Sydney such as bus, truck, van, forklift, and so on into quick cash.

Our professional service is always ready to serve you and reward you with a good amount of money for any old and torn-down cars. We offer you zero cost and same day pick-up service in Sydney. We are one of the most reputable car scrap yard in Sydney, known for paying top dollars for any junk and unwanted cars Sydney.

Call us today to know more about our service at 0497576070. Our agents will be happy to know how we can be of assistance to make your car selling transaction smooth and hassle-free!

Top Notch Customer Service
We guarantee you that our professional service is matchless. With Sydney Car Collection, you will not experience any delay, problematic transaction or even worse, scam deals. We fully understand the importance of speedy and smooth transaction; and we are committed to give you the most satisfying car selling experience. Our car yard and tow trucks are ready to pick-up your vehicles whenever you request. We have a wide pick-up coverage service, please click here to see the full list of our service areas.

Delivering quality customer service is essential. Nevertheless, we also understand that most of car buyers are concerned about the worth of their old and damaged cars. One of the reasons for their hesitance comes from the financial factor but we are here to assure you that our offers are one of the highest in Sydney. Our strong experience in the car scrapping business equips us with the know-how of car recycling; and this is why we can afford to pay up to $6,999 for your car and heavy vehicles!

Let today be the day when you can finally free your mind from your problematic car Sydney and vehicle! Experience the easiness of selling your car with Sydney Car Collection.


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